About Kleurjekist (English)

Rotterdam, October 2020

Mindful grieving with ‘Colouryourcoffin’

Dear reader,

In the past few months I have been working on a project I would very much like to share with you: Kleurjekist

Due to a sad experience I had some twenty years ago, the loss of a good friend, I felt the urge to share our mindful way of grieving at the time with more families, friends and colleagues.

In the project Kleurjekist a coffin made of poplar wood is delivered with a milled illustration in the lid of the coffin. By colouring the illustration families and friends participate in an activity that connects, brings joy and helps them cope with their grief in a mindful way.

Kleurjekist collaborates with several designers and offers a wide variety of
illustrations. Some of these are specially created for families with children, while other illustrations can be symbolic for a group of friends.

Since I started the project in April 2020 I have contacted over a hundred industry-related people to get acquainted not only with the ‘business’, but also with our Dutch culture and the products and services offered.

Kleurjekist has found reliable (business) partners: Studio Kars + Boom, Maartje van den Noort, Lobke van Aar, Studio Ruwedata, AkidiA, and De Resolutie.

Our mission is to help families, friends and colleagues say goodbye to their loved ones by creating a colourful memory together.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you want more information or if you have questions.